Artist Statement

 My practice strives to find relationships between the labor of art-making and my daily experiences with people and places. One of my new experiences has been living in the United States. States of longing and remembrance have been essential for me to explore through my practice. The separation of being missed or missing someone from your home country is inevitable. I consider my time here to be a given circumstance that is not in my control to change, and therefore, I feel it makes the separation more tolerable. This experience of daily life here is an essential component of my art practice because it affects me physically and emotionally. When I first arrived in the United States, the only things I had were my body, a huge empty studio space, time, and language that took time to understand and communicate. These became my material elements. Through my practice I explore these elements, aiming to capture every moment of small particles of memory and experience through the labor of art-making. This forces me to be present and self-aware in my surroundings, allowing a genuine pursuit of my happiness through my physical presence and experiences around it.

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