Photo Credit: Nathan Jorgenson

Salted Messages, 2020


Inscribed Texts on Carpet with Sprinkled Salt, Installation in Studio 14′x19′

I laid a carpet on the floor in my studio and sprinkled salt. I sat on it and wrote down thoughts or words that interested me. The size and lines of the letters are measured by hand and engraved with a butter knife. As it takes a long time to write letters, I kept thinking about the same content and would change it back and forth. The act of writing became labor utilizing the whole body. If you enter a space of yours, you may wonder how to fill it. As I brought a few things with me from Korea, there was a limit to filling up a whole space. I wanted to look at the studio space from the perspective of a labor practice over time. The engraved letters on the carpet floor are bound to be exposed to movement in the studio. Traces of my own footprints and others, traces of flooding from rain, leaking from the ceiling, dust and mud intervened with the letters. Salt as a medium allows me to engrave, preserve, and remove my message.